Football/Soccer Session (U13): Driven passing

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme
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Main Theme


1.40 x 40 yard area with six 5 x 5 yard areas, set up as shown

2.6 players set up as shown

3.3 balls


1.Players have to drive the ball to their opponent making sure the pass goes into their area

2.If the ball goes in, the player gets a point. If it misses then the opponent gets a point

3.If the ball is miss-controlled out of the area, the passer gets an extra point

4.Play for 1 minute then rotate the top line

Coaching Points:

1.Angle of approach – off center

2.Head up to observe target

3.Head down at the point of contact

4.Non kicking foot placed to side, slightly behind the ball

5.Ankle locked, toe down

6.Contact ball – middle above the mid line

7.Contact foot – laces (Instep)

8.Body weight forward chest and knee over the ball at contact

9.Follow through


P – Reduce the size of the target area

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