Football/Soccer Session (First Team): B Licence Assignment - Game Training

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Game Training

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Game Training
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Game Training (20 mins)

Game Training


Half pitch plus 3 metres into other half.

Players - Blue side GK , 2,3,4,5,6, 8 & 10 ( 8 players), attacking side 3, 6,8,10,7,9 & 11 (7 players)  15 players in total.

Get players to go to their starting positions from the weekend.

This way I can replicacte the shape issue, which should replicate the problem.

I can then reset the shape, so the players can see the improvement

Make sure players know to return to those positions prior to the restart.

Don't restart until everyone is in position as we are coaching against an organized opponent.

Make clear we want the blue side to press high and press hard, the same as Richmond did at the weekend - this will not work if insufficent pressure is applied.

Game rules.

Blue side plays out from GK each time. Their task is to combine to maintain possession and through combination play through to the 10 in the centre circle.

If the ball goes out of play, the ball restarts again from the GK.

If the white team are to press high, with their 10 combining with 9 to put pressure on our 3 & 4.  If the white side wins the ball they have 10 seconds to get an attempt on goal.

Offside rule applies.

Team Task - Play the ball out from the back by combining with our 6 & 8 to get the ball to our 10 in the middle third by maintaining possession.

Use the white board to demonstrate positions and reinforce the team task.

Ask them to be patient, but maintain ball speed.

Get them playing, then work through the checklist.

Start, Organization, Attitude, Ability, Understanding, Shape, Self.

When happy re-affirm the team task with the first intervention.

Player tasks / cues.

Everyone - Can you move the ball quickly

2 & 5 - Remain high and wide at every restart.

GK - positive distribution.

3 & 4. Make sure you split to force 9 & 10 to make a decision

Everyone. Can we quickly switch if pressed on one side.

6 & 8. Can you start higher to give yourselves space to operate in.

GK. If 2 or 5 are free, can you play a direct pass?

6 & 8. As 3 or 4 recieves, can lose your marker?

6 & 8. When 2 or 5 receive the ball, can they see you? 

6 & 8. As you are about to receive the ball, do you know where your other 6 or 8 is? (reaffirm the scan)

6 & 8. If you are closely marked and about to receive, can you bounce with your teammate who passed  to you, and move immediately to get it back in time and space.

10. When 6 or 8 are in possesion, can you lose you marker and recieve the ball.

GK, 3 & 4. As 6 & 8 are about the take possession under pressure, can you, by virtue of your position, coach the turn or the distribution?

2 & 5. After passing to 6 & 8, can you overlap?

2 & 5. If 6 & 8 are well marked, can you still play it to their advantage.

6 & 8 Can you position yourself facing forwards when recieving the ball.

6 & 8. When in possession, if you have no angle to play to 6,8 or 10, can you play back to retain possession without risk?

3 & 4 When 6 & 8 are under pressure in possession, can you provide a release backwards for them.

6 & 8 If you find yourself closely marked as you are about to receive, can you take a quick touch laterally to open up some space.

6 & 8. When you drop into the space you have left by starting high, can you do that at pace?

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