Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Defending - Squad Practice

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Continuous Defending

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Continuous Defending
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(PDP) Continuous Defending (40 mins)

Practice organisation

• Half pitch with an additional 10yd channel inside opposing half

with goal at one end, as illustrated.

• 19 players (incl. GK) organised 8v8 plus GK, with

2 Target players beyond half way line in 10yd channel, supply of

balls in centre circle, with coach.

• Practice starts with ball fed into practice area by coach to Attackers

or T who then feeds into A’s.

• A’s objective: build play & create goal-scoring opportunities.

• If Defenders gain possession: they try to play to feed T’s.

• Process continues for 5 minutes non-stop & is

then repeated.

• If ball goes dead: coach immediately feeds another into

practice area.

• Throw-ins are taken by either team as appropriate.


• Continuous uninterrupted defending for 5 minute period includes

defending when organised & when dis-organised.

• If possession is conceded as team plays towards

T’s & is intercepted: quick reorganisation is necessary.

• Concentration & communication between team mates in

defensive situation.

• Simple progressions for this practice are:

- On receiving possession: T may quickly carry ball forward as an

extra attacker & contribute to attacking build-up.

- A’s may use T’s as support from behind as outlet passes, to relieve

opponent’s defensive pressure.

Key coaching points

• Movement & positioning of D’s in relation to location

& movement of ball.

• Distances between players, units & GK.

• Pressing & forcing opponents to play in a chosen direction.

• Tracking & marking opponents.

• Continuous positioning & changing defending roles &

responsibilities, whilst regaining & maintaining defensive


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