Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Turning Unopposed AJ

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Turning Unopposed AJ

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Turning Unopposed AJ
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Turning Unopposed AJ (20 mins)

Turning Session

20y by 20y area, within the area I scatter tall cones, approximately 1 for each person, 1 ball for each player.

Players start by dribbling around the square avoiding hitting the tall cones with the ball, this is just to get them used to manipulating the ball. Get them to use different parts of their foot as well as using both feet.

The aim of the session is to give players an opportunity to practice their turns in an unopposed environment so they get the technique of the turn.

I get the players to practice three basic turns, this is all dependent on the quality of players you have at your disposal, the three I use are the Inside Turn (inside of the foot), Outside Turn (outside of the foot) and Cryuff Turn (inside of the foot again, but making sure the players fake to shoot and then drag the ball behind their back leg and accelerate away).

I start the players off dribbling and then when I say Cryuff/Inside/Outside I want them to accelerate away and keep their head up.

This is a very simple drill to get the players working on their technique, you can challenge the players further by:

- Adding a defender

- Making the area smaller

- Getting the players to perform the drag back turn, scissors, stepover, maradona

This is quite a tiring exercise so get the players to have plenty of water breaks and chances to rest. The drill should last around 15/20 minutes.

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