Football/Soccer Session (U8): 4 v 4 (+3 Neutrals)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4 v 4 (+3 Neutrals)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4 v 4 (+3 Neutrals)
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4 v 4 (+3 Neutrals)

Suitable for 8's - 18's. Simply reduce pitch size as players get older.

This game should end with the players playing predominantly one and two touch, wothout the coach having to put those restrictions on the game. Very little dribbling/turning.

4 Reds v 4 Blues, + 3 Neutral Yellows. No player is restricted in where they can go. The key to success for the team in possession ( Reds at the moment ) is to maintain their disciplne and stay roughly between the two cones as indicated. This way the player with the ball will have more options. More triangles are created and the 4 defenders ( Blues at the moment ) should struggle to regain possession.

As soon as the defending team make a regain the game continues and they should make their way to the gaps between the cones as quickly as possible.

Progression / More than 11 Players

If you have more than 11 players, create extra neutrals that are positioned outside the work area with a ball each. These players must manipulate a ball continuosly (with info from coach ie. in and out of the spare balls / a specifc trick etc) until the game breaks down because the ball leaves the work area. As the game breaks down an external player drives in with a new ball. At this point an internal neutral must rotate out of the work area and collect a ball to begin working on the outside of the grid.

By having a player drive in with a new ball a high tempo is immediately created and the awareness of all players is hightened both inside and outside the grid.

Learning Objectives

Recognising where to position yourself to be available for a team mate. Learning that by having the discipline to maintain your position, by shuffling only a few yards in any direction, your team mates will always know where you are and will be able to retain possession more easily.


Body shape. Always open to see as much as possible / to be aware of as many options as possible.

Passing. Weight / Timing of release

Receiving, away from pressure, to entice pressure.

Direction changes, ball manipulation.


Understanding where to position yourself to be available for the ball, and being aware of as many of your options as possible when in possession of the ball.


Low to medium intensity when in possession.

High intensity when out of possession.


Intelligence to expand pitch when necessary.

Desire to deny space without the ball.

Knowledge of triggers of when to press.

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