Football/Soccer Session (First Team): UEFA Assesment, Lone striker

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Phase plus game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Phase plus game
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Phase plus game (40 mins)


7 attackers, 7 defenders

Balls with CB


Game starts with transition

CB win ball of striker

If whites win ball back, play to target player

Navy play to goal

Coaching Points:

CP 1 Establish roles and responiblities of striker

CP 2 Reinforce attacking pricniples based on strikers ability to stretch the field

CP 3 Quality of strikers movement to exploit space in behind

CP 4 Players ability to isolate dfenders by arching runs creating space for midfielder and winger

CP 5 If no space in behind come short and look to use improvisation to play out and then get away

(Starting point may vary for *5)


Go to full 11vs11 game

CP 6: Ensure striker operates no more than the width of 18 to continue threating defenders and creating space in between lines

CP 7 Can striker recognize when wingers have been held up and come short and be a bounce player?

CP 8 Strikers role in a counter attack is vital? Needs to peel off into channels when we win ball

Possible CP's ensuring getting front post if run stopped peel back for a cut back, When wll a role transition?

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