Futsal Session (Academy Sessions): Ball Retention Exercise

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Russell Taylor, Adult Member

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Russell Taylor
Name: Russell Taylor
City: Dunfermline
Country: United Kingdom
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Sport: Futsal


Key Aims of the Session

  • To improve the technical and mental speed of the players involved
  • To improve ball retention┬á

Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Ball Retention

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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Ball Retention
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Ball Retention (10 mins)

i. Session Organisation

  • 4v4 (3) ball retention exercise
  • Technical speed
  • Mental speed

ii. Age groups/Level of Ability

  • u11 and upwards

iii. Size of Area required

  • Full Court

iv. Number of Players - Min: Max:

  • 12+

v. Duration

  • 10-15 minutes

vi. Equipment required

  • Balls
  • Markers

vii. Structure of the Session

  • The team in possession of the ball are to retain possession versus the opposition
  • If a player passes the ball to a player in the shaded zone the player receiving the pass comes out and plays on the court. The player playing the pass enters the shaded zone.
  • A goal is scored once you involved all 3 shaded zone players without the opponent touching the ball
  • Once the defending team win back possession they become the attacking team
  • Use of GK in the box at each end is optional
  • Kick ins when the ball goes out of play or the coach feeds a new ball onto the court

viii. Attacking points

  • Make use of the space as best as possible (try not to have 2 players standing close together)
  • Game awareness and intelligence of where to move or pass
  • Speed of play on and off the ball
  • Transition to defence once you lose possession

ix. Defending points

  • Blocking off certain zones
  • Trigger points for when to press
  • Work together as a team and not as individuals
  • Set traps for the attacking team
  • Transition to attack once you regain possession

x. Coaching points

  • Let the game go freely
  • Cover not having 2 players doing the same thing to maximise use of players and the space
  • Focus on effort, game awareness, technical play and game intelligence
  • Stop for a break once the tempo drops
  • If an odd number put them in the weaker team to give them an extra player. There's already an overload and this challenges both teams.

xi. Progressions

  • Limit the amount of touches on the ball
  • Power play over a short time to really increase the intensity

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