Football/Soccer Session (First Team): Switch to Attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Change Focus of Attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Change Focus of Attack
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Change Focus of Attack

Purpose: To improve Change in Focus of Attack, Communication and Support.

Setup: A50 x 50 field with 2 x goals back to back. 1 x Goal Keeper in each goal. 6 cones mark a 18 yard x 20 yd box around the goals.

Action: Teams of 6 playes try to score in either goal but they cannot shoot inside the 18 x 20 yd box around the goal except with a header. First team toset score indicated by the coach then wins.

Varations: Killer pass - Players can onlt score with thier first touch from outsid eof the box. Players can score inside the box with both feet off the ground " Creative Finishing"

Coach Tip for adaptability: Make the field bigger according to numbers and ability. Smaller pitch = harder, bigger pich = easier - engineer the practice for success.

Player Tip: Switch the play from side to side to unbalance oppenents. Look for openings to shoot from distance or cross for headers. Use oppenents as a blind shield for the keeper when shooting.

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