Hockey Session (Senior): KNHB HT2-11 PGO1 EX4

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Floris Teulings
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Defensive and offensive exercise in which defenders and attackers practise using side pockets (flanks). Created by Floris Teulings for KNHB HT2-11 course.

Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Player start

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Player start
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Player start (15 mins)

Learning aspects:

- Turnover

- Use of side pockets


- Two red cone lines indicate side pockets (B)

- Blue / Orange equal number of players (Orange has flying goalkeeper)

Teams need to acquire the right to score by passing / driving the ball in one of the two side pockets.

Attackers (orange) start with the right to score. There are no fixed player starts. Blue needs to acquire the right to score after succesfull interception. If Blue gets the right, Orange loses it and needs to reacquire it after interception.

Standard rules of play apply, except:

- Penalty corners > issue a standard penalty after three defense faults within the circle instead

- Flying goalkeeper > not allowed to move past the 23 meter line


- A referee comes in handy

- Actively coach both teams


- Increase / decrease the size of field / side pockets

- Add another attacker and / or defender

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