Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Technical with Movement

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Technical - with Movement

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Technical - with Movement
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Technical - with Movement (20 mins)


- Set-up the first set of cones 10-15 feet apart and the 3rd cone 20 feet from the second cone


- Divide the players into groups of 3-4 players

- The 1st & 2nd players will perform the techincal skill set by the coach. For example: 1 touch passing, 2 touch passing, volley, etc

- On the Coach's start the player 1 & 2 will being the techincal skill as close to game speed as possible. The 3rd player will preform sit-up's, push-up's, jumps, etc.

- Once the Coach says GO the 2nd player turns and sprints to the last cone and back across the end line and becomes Player 3. Player 1 becomes Player 2 and Player 3 becomes player 1.

- The play doesn't not stop. Encourage the players to quickly get the ball moving again.

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