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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme
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Main Theme (15 mins)


1. 20x20 field set up as shown

2. Separate players into 4 teams

3. 9 balls (odd number of balls is best)


1. Each team begins in their corner of the field. Two players are runners and one player stays and makes sure the balls stay in the corner of the field.

2. One player from each team runs to the ball area to retrive a ball. Player must perform a turn to get the ball out of the area and dribble back to their corner.

3. One the first player has returned, the next player can go to retrive a ball. The runners continue rotating and collecting balls until their team has 3 balls in their corner.

4. Players can only dribble one ball at a time. Once all the balls in the center ball area are gone, players can go to other teams to retrive a ball. First team with 3 balls in their corner win.

Coaching Points:

Turning - Inside Cut

1. Step to the side of the ball with the non kicking foot

2. Pivot on that foot

3. Cut the ball back with the inside of the opposite foot

Turning - Outside Cut

1. Take a big step past the ball and plant foot

2. Pivot on that foot

3. Cut the ball back with the outside of the opposite foot


1. Teams must retrive 4 balls

2. Limit number of touches

3. Allow two players to go at same time

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