Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Allien Attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Allien Attack

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Allien Attack
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Allien Attack (15 mins)

Allien Attack

Simple dribbling drill that can be advanced and manipulated for all ages and ability, great warm up or basic drill

Players move around space ship, staying away from the edge of the space ship and keep moving but avoiding bumping into others (head up and close control, lots of little touches for control, big touches for speed)

Incorporate zoo animals/gears of a car or in this case "hyper speed or rocket speeds) for the basic A, B, C 's (speed, direction)

On coaches command "alliens are coming!" players have to leave the space ship and dribble through one of the gates (or portals) and back into the space ship as quickly as posisble. If someone going through the portal/gate, have to choose another one!

P1 - must go out through one portal and go back in through another portal

P2 - must now fire their lasers through the portal to destroys the alliens who have not blocked the way through.

P3 - ask 2-3 of the boys to be the actual aliens, who now must stop the players going through the portals and back in by kicking their ball away

Skills with ball - one foot only, inside/outsdie (big toe, little toe), both feet (inside, inside, big toe, big toe), turns (inside, outside cuts, drag back, 360, etc etc), turns and RWB into space, lock ankle and drive with laces, all surfaces, inside, outside inside outside of both feet, sole of boot only, all directions - all can be variations whilst dribbling around space ship.

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