Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Attacking Transition/3 Forwards - Eric Redder (Start Time: 2014-01-28 14:20:00)

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I would begin the session in this format.

I would have a proper technical warmup in this layout and increase the tempo of the warmup as I progressed through the technical elements of the training activity.

The main body of the session would be around 40 minutes after the warmup. I would layer various progression within the session to keep the game fresh and constantly evolving.

The session would end with free play with no zone restrictions. This is where the players would display the technical & tactical skills they've just rehersed.

**Simple set up, simple design, GREAT ENERY from the Players!

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Unbalanced Numbers

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Unbalanced Numbers
Save Image: Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Unbalanced Numbers

Learning Objectives

Positioning of body angles & supporting distance
1st pass or decision once possesion is regained
Contract on defense & quickly expand on offense
Abiliity to quickly switch from defnese to offense with the sharpness to create scoring opporutnities

Unbalanced Numbers (40 mins)


-5v5; 6v6, 7v7 (if you play 7v7, then there needs to 1 player who is a transitional player who can connect with either zone)


This is a great game to almost every topic. Most players really enjoy the game because of the multiple goal, tight spaces, and ability to combine with team-mates


This game can be used when teaching "transition" to attack. The back line players (2, or smallest group of one team) can be coached to try and find the fastest connection forward. At the same time players in the attack half should be instruction - where, when, and how to move to create space/get open.

If the front 3 win the ball emphasis can be placed on how to find the open space (switch the play) and quickly get to goal. Defending with proper Pressure, Cover, and Balance will enable the team to use their numerical advantage to win possess and transition to attack. The spacing of the front 3, body angles, and 1st touch to initate the attack are major areas to address in the training exercise.

**This could be a functional/ tactical session where you focus on the movement of your 3 forwards (the players who assume those roles in the game), to pressure penetrating passes to the next zone, try to win possess, and press/defend as a unit. On the offensive side of the ball your 3 forwards can work to support & combine with one another to goal.


-Restrict players to "their zone"

-No passes negative from front 3 - they must solve it themselves!

-Touch restrictons in specific zones for defenders or attackers to increase speed of player and decision making

-Focus on Specific TYPES OF COMBINATIONS - 1/2, Wall pass, double pass, overlaps,etc in order to score

-6v6 - even numbers in each zone, one player can penetrate with the pass or dribble forward and make the game 4v3

-7v7 - numbers would 3 players per zone with a "floating" transitional player who can link the two zones together

**Remember as the session concludes to remove the zonal restriction as you progress towards free play. That will display whether the roles & skills reinforced were actually "learned" during the session

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