Football/Soccer Session (U10): SSG - passing and shooting (Start Time: 2014-03-15 21:45:00)

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Derek Evans
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Small sided game focusing on passing and shooting

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG
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SSG (30 mins)

SSG Objectives:

To improve passing, control, movement, shooting, pressure and tackling.

Achievement objectives:

To make many series of 6 consecutive passes

To make accurate shots on goal

To offers support and movement off the ball to the player in possession


14 players (6 v 6 + 2 neutral players)

40 x 30 m pitch size

numerous balls

4 small goals


Both teams are in the playing area. The neutral players are also within the playing area, and they help the team in possession of the ball.

1 point is scored if a team can make 6 consecutive passes (this can be amended dependant upon player ability).

If the player receiving the ball on the 6th pass shoots and scores in any of the 4 goals without being tackled / losing possession, then the team get one extra point.

If the ball goes out of play, possession of the ball goes to the other team.

Key coaching point:

The players are aware that and prepared to make the right decision before receiving the ball, especially the player who receives the 6th pass and shoots at the goal.


- Colour code the goals by placing a coloured cone by them. Teams can only score in the goal that the coach decides

- Players do not have to shoot on the 6th pass, they can maintain possession and shoot at any time after that and wait for the right moment to shoot

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