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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

8v8 Split Field Scrimmage

Each team has a goalkeeper, 4 defenders and 3 forwards. Players must stay in their half of the field, except when a ball is played forward.

Variation 1. When a defender plays forward, they can join the attack.

Variation 2. When a defender plays forward, a different defender can join the attack (shown above)

A team in possession in the attacking half may play back to defensive half to bring another player into the attack. (but they run the risk of a counterattack as they bring more people forward). Once forward, the defender stays as long as they want so as to help with the attack or to win back the ball. They can retreat to defensive half at their discretion. (Forwards cannot track back to defend).

Coaching Points: When building out, forwards should maintain a high position to keep space "live" to check back into. Offside rule is not in effect so forwards can stretch the field. The player on the ball determines "when" by picking up their head to look for a pass. The player off the ball determins "where" by the shape of their run. Arrive when the ball arrives. Turn if possible or lay off and combine to get forward.

Forwards should communicate and work together so they take turns checking back and recycling runs. Avoid having all players check back at once.

Forwards can "hide" behind defenders and pop out to receive a pass.

If you have numbers forward, set a perimiter for a sustained attack. If the ball is lost, a counterattack must be thwarted with quick pressing.

Play for time and then remove the restrictions. Encourage players to maintain the shape and organization without the restrictions.

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