Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Playing out from the Back

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Playing out from the Back

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Playing out from the Back
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Playing out from the Back (20 mins)

Playing out from the Back

From a formation of 4-1-3-2 just use the 4-1-2 with the other players as attackers to gain ball possession back. Other watching players can be switched over from time to time in this first pass.

Change backwards form defending to attacking positions a few times to get used to each shape.

Ball gets played from GK to any one of the 5 positions marked 1-5. Ask players to get the ball into advanced position quickly and efficiently listening to coaches commands. No more than 2/3 touches.

Back - ball must be played backwards. Switch - using the centre backs or holding midfielder must play the ball from one side to the other. Keeper - return to the GK to start again, keeper must not use his hands, but try and play from where he is. Coach - ball passed back to coach and everyone drop into defensive positions.

P1 - can we play two touch passing or one touch if possible.

P2 - put 2-3 attacking players up to a max of 5/6 if we have them.

P3 - SSG - team tried to play into pug goals and defensive side tries to play and attack main goal

P4 - Pug goals out of order - switched off and makes switch possible.

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