Hockey Session (Senior): 3 Team Transition

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 Team Transition

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 Team Transition
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3 Team Transition


This game works with 3 equal teams on 2-goal pitch, with a central 'free' zone across the centre. This game works best with goalkeepers, as they improve the quality of the finish, but more importantly they allow quick attacks once they've gained possession. To start the coach feeds the ball into the black team who attack the blues. If the black team score they turn, receive a new ball and attack the reds at the opposite end. If they are unsuccessful or the ball turns over to the blues they would carry the ball into opposite half and take on the reds (Transition to attack).


Challenge players understanding with constant changing pictures for example; Covering the line to goal, supporting the attack, 1-2-1 defending, defending as a unit.


This exercise is all about transition; attack to defence and defence to attack. In possession look for the players understanding of changing tempo; are they building, retaining or changing?


As the blacks attack, the blues defend, if the ball is turned over the blacks are allowed to counter press to regain the ball immediately and stop the blues reaching the safe zone.

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