Hockey Session (Under 14s): SSG | Small Sided Game with Joker

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Pro-Club: Hampstead & Westminster Hockey Club

Darren Hincks, Adult Member

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Darren Hincks
Name: Darren Hincks
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Membership: Adult Member
Sport: Hockey
Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG with Joker

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG with Joker
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SSG with Joker (40 mins)

Rules: Small sided game with 3 teams plus Joker (plays with attack | stays in zone | rotates)

Bonus points for scoring: after passing to Joker | after winning ball in Danger Zone

Pitch: Adjust pitch size depending on number of players | Larger D for team playing with GK

Progression: Turn & burn

Arrow Large Line Straight 2px Arrow Medium Right
Shaded Pitch Area

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