Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): U10 3v2 Centre Backs - Defensive Delay/Positioning (Start Time: 2015-10-28 19:05:00)

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Drew  Munro
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Boys U10 ADP Session - 3v2

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Boys U10 3v2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Boys U10 3v2
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
1v1 dribbling, pass and move (penetration), shooting, defensive positioning (delay), tackling
Technical Tactical
Defensive positioning, attacking support
Technical Physical
Speed into position
Technical Psychological
Quick thinking and focus
Technical Social
Attacking/defending as a unit

Boys U10 3v2 (60 mins)

Warm Up (10 minutes)

12 players dribbling in the box, inside/outside cuts, heel/toe/sole roll, inside/outside roll, toe taps/fancy toe taps etc

Set Up (30 minutes)

Half pitch

- 12 players (6 attacking, 6 defending), 3v2

- 3 attackers come from centre mid and wide positions

- 2 defenders come from beside the goal


- Centre mid starts with the ball, wide players move ahead and create triangles for passing (penetration)

- Centre mid has to decide whether to dribble, carry or pass (head up, 360 vision)

- Attacking team has to score

- Defending team takes up centre back positions, with a goal of creating delay

- Defending team must communicate with each other and reset when out of position

- Defending team has to clear the ball out of the playing area

- Rotate wide players and centre mid every 5 minutes, then switch attacking and defending teams


- 3 touch player possession from attacking team (fast movement of the ball), demanding better positioning and disclpline from the centre backs

Coaching Points

- take up a position inside the wide players

- one player goes to the player with the ball, one covers

- goal is to delay and force the attackers to make a mistake

- patience and watching the ball

- resetting positioning (one player goes to the ball, one covers the pass, reset)

SSG (20 minutes)

- progress to SSGs, with emphasis on centre back positioning, delay, watching the ball and patience

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