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Alexis Nieves
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme
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Main Theme (10 mins)


1. Half field send up as shown

2. Two goals

3. Separate players into two teams

4. One ball per player


1. Player A passes the ball to Player B.

2. Player B dummies the ball and runs around the pole (cone)

3. Player C receives the ball (two touches, one to receive, one to pass) and sets Player B

4. Player B shoots the ball (one touch finish)

5. Rotation: Player B (Shooter) > Player D (goalie) > Player A > Player C > Player B

6. If Shooter misses the shot, Goalie must retrieve the ball

Coaching Points:

1. Angleof approach – off center

2. Headup to observe the position of the goalkeeper

3. Headdown at the point of contact

4. Non-kickingfoot placed to side, slightly behind the ball

5. Anklelocked, toe down

6. Contactball – will vary depending on target area

7. Contactfoot – laces (instep)

8. Bodyweight forward, chest and knee over the ball at contact

9. Followthrough landing on striking foot


1. Players shoot right footed (5 mins)

2. Players shoot left footed (5 mins)

3. Competition: individual (1 point = goal / 1 point = save) [5 mins]

4. Competition: Team. Each team picks a goalie, teams have 5 minutes to see who can score more goals.

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