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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Top Left: Tresure chest; players must run out one at a time and retreive a ball with their feet and dribble back throught the gate and the next person in there team goes and gets the next ball. players can only get one ball at a time and the next player in line can only leave when teamate has dribbled through the gate with the ball. the winning team is the team with the most balls left after every ball has been collected.

Top Right: racing lane football; oneplayer from each team race through lane and around the orange cone. the first player to retrieve ball,attacks at the goal and the other player defends.

Bottom Left: Traffic LIghts; coach has various cones in his hand. red, green and orange. the cones represent different actions the player must do. for example. if the coach holds up a green cone the players must quickly dribble with the ball, if its red the players must stop. if the coach hold up and orange cone the player dribble slowley. the coach can add more coloured cones if he/she choses to and add different action the player must do.

Bottom Right: four squares; coach calls out a command to players were they must run to a cloured square with the ball. if he calls yellow they must run with the ball to the yellow zone. if he calls red they run with the ball to the red zone and so on... to add variety you can name the coloured coned zones by different area/nation names. so the yellow could be brazil , the blue could be france. the red could be china and the white could be england.

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