Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Advanced Colour Cone Possession Game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Advanced Coloured Cones

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Advanced Coloured Cones
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Advanced Coloured Cones (15 mins)

Advanced Coloured Cones

Simple dribbling drill that can be advanced and manipulated for all ages and ability, great warm up or basic drill

Players move around island with a ball each, staying away from the edge and keep moving

On coaches command players must dribble through a coloured gate, if the gate is busy they must find another one. Skill going through the gate, turn out if busy and find another gate,

P1 - two colours red then blue, two reds, different ones, three different colour gates etc etc

P2 - one ball per team and they must now pass through to another member of the team who recieves it. 10 gates or all the red gates, all the yellow gates. Same drill but each player must dribble through a different gate and then must pass to a team mate - use colours or different colours. Split area in two if going through same gates in own half of pitch, must cross each time.

P3 - one ball between both teams, possession game must pass through a coloured gate to their team mate to score a point. Only red gates score points etc etc. Yellow is double point gates.

P4 - make it harder by having the players having to score through two goals to gain one pointP5 - same game but ball in hand and the palyers have to throw and haeder it trhough the gate for one of their players to score a goal

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