Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Decision Making Practice

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Passing & Receiving

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Passing & Receiving
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Passing & Receiving

Passing & Receiving:

Set-up: 10-12 players within an area and move randomly around it.

- Start with a ratio of one ball for every five or six players.

- Number players 1-10/12 etc.

- Balls start with number 1 and 7, and is passed around in sequence according to their numbers.

- Once players pass it they move to another part of the grid.

- Once ball reaches last player, he passes to number 1 to begin process again.


1) Add footballs until exercise has a ratio of 1:3 and 2:5.

2) U9's > Can you take two or three touches instead of 5 or 6?

2b) U10-U11 > First pass is short, the next pass is long. The next player in sequence must therefore move closer or further away to receive.

3) First pass is low, the next is high. Again receiving players must move into positions to receive the pass either along the ground or in the air.

Coaching Points: Move the ball quickly and accurately, position yourself with an open body. Are you peaking?

Scoring: As a group, can you keep four / five / six balls alive for 60 seconds?

Caution: Ensure players are not static or remain in one area/position and are moving around the area when not in possession (this will happen more and more as more footballs are involved).

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