Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Warm-Ups (Various) 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm-Ups

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Warm-Ups
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1 - Footwork Duel vs Coach or another goalkeeper

One player takes the lead, using quick shuffle steps

Objective of the game is to beat chasing player to either cone/pole using quick shuffle steps, changes of direction etc.

2 - Footwork

Using quick footwork through the cones (single foot, double foot, side steps, weaving in and out)

Make your way into goal and SET ready for shot

Start with shots into chest/head

Progress to low and diving saves

3 - Footwork/Handling

Using shuffle steps between cones/poles

Coach calls SET and strikes ball at varying heights into body


Start in centre of goal shuffle to one cone/pole and back into middle, make diving save to opposite side

4 - Jumping/Handling

Keeping feet together, jump between each of the cones set out

Enter goal and make a save (various types of shot)


Single leg jumps, tuck jump between cones

5 - Footwork

Starting in middle of cones

Coach has 4 commands - 1) Forward, 2) Back Pedal, Right) Shuffle right, Left) Shuffle left ensuring you touch each cone, back pedal to centre


2) Turn and run forwards, Right) Dive towards cone, Left) Dive towards cone.

6 - 2 Ball - Footwork

Both players have a ball in hand approximitely one yard apart as set out in diagram.

Each player throws the ball forward and at the same time shuffles over to collect ball from other player.

Continue until one person drops the ball.

Continue for approx 3-5 minutes

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