Football/Soccer Session (Reserves): (PDP) Counter Attacking + Shooting 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Counter Attacking + Shooting 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Counter Attacking + Shooting 1
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(PDP) Counter Attacking + Shooting 1

Practice organisation

• Area 75x50yds, marked in thirds with goals at each end, as illustrated.

• 18 players (incl. 2GKs), arranged 9v9, 1 ball.

• Players arranged in 3-3-2 formation with each unit confined

to their own third.

• Practice starts with: ball rolled-out by GK into defensive third.

• Teams score by delivering ball into GK’s hands at opposite end of

pitch, from any position on field when opportunity arises.

• Practice is developed by requiring teams to score a goal past GK,

but from shots delivered only from midfield and attacking thirds.

• Forwards look for rebounds to score.

• On gaining possession in the middle zone teams have 8 seconds to

shoot on goal; 12 seconds from regains in defensive third.


• Urgency, but controlled defensive mind-set from players.

• Early defending (in initial phase especially), to deny passes to GK.

• Anticipate passes & prepare to intercept as first option where possible.

• Team pressing, compactness & support.

• Good spacing when team recovers into defensive areas before

applying pressure to team in possession.

• Simple progression for this practice is:

- Play becomes free without conditions so that players understand

when to press early & when to drop to a deeper defending

position & counter-attack.

Key coaching points

• Early pressure by opponents can be applied in initial start to

practice when ball can be delivered from anywhere into GK’s hands

in order to score.

• When opponents can only score from either middle

or attacking thirds of area: defending team should drop to edge of

middle third or deeper & defend later, before counter-attacking.

• On gaining possession: counter-attacking team movement &

player dispersal ahead of ball.

• Accurate, quick & incisive forward ball movement

to get into shooting range.

• Support for counter-attack from players moving off the ball.

• Individual concentration from players supporting counter-attack

from behind to safeguard any potential opposing counter-attack

moves, on breakdown of play.

• Focus on quick direct counter-attacking.

• If counter-attack is denied: re-establish & retain

team possession.

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