Football/Soccer Session (U16): Goalkeeper workout (Start Time: 2013-11-09 15:10:00)

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Goalkeeper workout (suitable for any age group or ability)

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Multiple shots

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Multiple shots
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Multiple shots

This drill is designed more as a fast workout for the goalkeeper, who has to make saves rapidly, get back up, 'set' and try to save again.


Goal (size dictated by age of player); goalkeeper; several players, each with a ball.


The goalkeeper works continuosly until all of the players have taken shots to attempt to score. To allow the goalkeeper to have an idea of where the next shot is coming from, ideally, the coach should instruct that a pattern is followed i.e. left - centre - right - left - centre - right - etc.

As soon as a player has taken their shot, then after the goalie has made their save, they should get to their feet quickly, re-position themselves to close the angle of the next player that will shoot, get into the 'set' position and attempt to save again.

This will be a tough physical workout for the goalkeeper, as it is continuous movement for maybe 1-2 minutes dependent on how many players are available.


Rather than shots from the edge of the box, introduce 1 v 1 against the goalie

Have the coach drop the ball in front of the scoring players so they shoot as 'volleys'

Instruct that players from the left have to shoot only with their left, and vice versa on the right.

Key points:

Goalkeepers to get to their feet quickly

Look to close down the angles to lessen the chance of players scoring

Fast feet to move positions

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