U12 Line Up -- Colorado

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Caitlin Young
Name: Caitlin Young
City: Provo
Country: United States of America
Rank: Elite – 4 points
Membership: Young Member
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Period 1

Formation: Our Team: 4-4-2 |U12: 4-4-2

Team List

Our Team (Home)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
Faith Chand Goalkeeper
Hannah Watkins Defender
Sadie Corry Defender
Jemi Ortega Defender
Hannah Mejia Defender
Tori Morley Defender
Karlee Willey Mid-fielder
Lexie Warr Mid-fielder
Deanna Roark Mid-fielder
Abby Peterson Mid-fielder
MaCall Erickson Mid-fielder
Maddie Mae Bradley Striker
Lizzy Gibson Mid-fielder
Rachel Flemming Striker
Paige Seegmiller Striker
Brielle West Mid-fielder

U12 (Away)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
Hadlee Whited Goalkeeper
Kylee Holand Defender
Ashley Cowie Defender
Shae Taylor Defender
Avery Zetner Defender
Kaylee Robertson Mid-fielder
Savannah Hiedaman Mid-fielder
Moriah Ortega Mid-fielder
Kennedi Schmidt Mid-fielder
Kaylee Olson Mid-fielder
Janessa Johnson Striker
Hadley Paxman Striker
Hannah B Defender
Rylee Preston Mid-fielder
Lauren Fowlers Mid-fielder
Savanah Frisby Mid-fielder
Anna Harrison Striker

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