Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): BU11 SSG score

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A conditioned game to encourage midfielders to get forward and finish

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG - score

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG - score
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SSG - score (20 mins)


- Players play 4vs4 in the middle zone, with GKs and neutral players in end zone (alter numbers dependant on turn out).

- To score, players have to play into neutral player to finish; this could be a 1,2 or a pass to another player.

- Neutral player must play quickly to make it realistic.


- Positive play; can the ball go forward as soon as possible?

- Positioning of the neutral player so they can receive the ball.

- Movement off the ball to receive return pass from the neutral player; doesn't always have to be a 1,2. How can other players support the ball to finish.

- Decision making; what type of finish to use, can we finish with one touch or do we need to take another.

- Technique; difference when striking a ball from a pass to one that has been controlled.


- Allow players to score in the endzone/penalty area

- Restrict players from scoring in the penalty area

- Players must finish off one touch.

- Limit touches of the neutral player.

- Make the endzone bigger and have neutral players play for either side; one being a 9 and the other being a centre half. Encourage the 9 to play with their back to goal to set oncoming midfield players. then give 9 the option to finish. (When playing from the GK, make sure a player in the middle zone drops into end zone so the team can play out (along with the centre half)).

Review / Reflect (to be completed after each session)..

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