Futsal Session (Academy Sessions): Defensive ownership (Under 11)

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Paul Morrison
Name: Paul Morrison
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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (30 mins)

Session Objective: To encourage players to take control when Possession lost to other team.

Organisation: (Under 11 Group)

With no coach input at all,divide players into two teams.They are told that they can play for five minutes with no coach involvement.

After five minutes stop game and ask players was it good.Most will have played an unstructured game,very similar to a playground game.

Separate both teams with a coach with each team.The challenge for the players is for them now to determine what will be their strategy when they don't have ball. Coach facilitates discussion but decision made by players.

Players then resume and play to their strategies.Expectation is that they will work together and communicate to do this (They do!!)

After 10 mins stop game and ask player what their strategy was and what they had to do etc..If each team has selected a different defensive strategy,then change strategies and players must then communicate and play to new strategy.

further development:give a further range of strategies for them to develop.

Key Factors:

Determination of strategy

Teamwork with each doing his role.

Good communication to players

Quick reaction to transition

Correct positioning

When to close in on man,when to mark spce

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