Football/Soccer Session (U15): 7v5

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Organization: 7 v 5 + 2 Rondo. Grid is 50 x 30, cut in half. Poles are between 10 and 15 yards apart centered at the mid-line. 4 small goals angled at each side of mid-line about 4-5 yards off of the field. Balls with coach for re-entry at mid-line, can be from both sides. Intervals are 2-3 minutes depending on the training periodization.

Instructions: The 7 look to possess the ball against the five. Can play 2 or 3 touch for higher levels. After 6-8 consecutive passes, the 7 look to score in the small goals that face their half. After a shot, the ball stays with the 7. If the 5 get the ball, they have unlimited touch to try to get the ball to the other side of the grid. The ball must cross the mid-line outside of the 2 poles and the touch line and must be below knee height. All players, but 2 from the original 7, shift over to the other side of the grid and the game resumes with the other team up 2 men. Typically, leave the same 2 players on the opposite half for the whole interval, and switch each time.

Coaching Points: For the 7, good spacing and quick 1 and 2 touch combinations to maintain possession. Near the ultimate pass, there should be an emphasis of setting up a teammate for a shot on goal. When the 7 lose the ball, they must react to close down the ball and win it back before it can be switched to the other side. Players near the mid-line must protect the passing lanes through the line to the other side. The 5 must work as a unit to compress space together. When the ball nears the mid-line, they need to show great agressiveness to win the ball and quickly switch sides. Quick reactions and good habits.


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