Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): DEFENDING IN CENTRAL AND WIDE AREAS (Start Time: 2017-11-15 13:15:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (20 mins)

Principles of Play. Defending


Defending in Central and Wide Areas.


Jake S.

New player to the team. Tall and athletic player who's prefered position is CF hoping he might be an option to hold the ball up. Our team shape has been 4,4,3 in last 3 games. I am hoping that Jake could add some intensitity and pressure to our team when defending from the front line.

Jake to play Centre of attacking 3.


REDS in a 1-3-3 formation out of possession DEFENDING goal.

BLUES a 3-2 formation. In possession REDS looking to find one of 3 BLACK target players. On receiving ball, black players combine with at least 1 pass before recycling into yellows. BLUES look to score as effectively as they can.


1) Ball central, roles and responsibilities of CMF, LMF and tersary players.

2) Ball wide, roles & responsibility of LMF, CMF and tersary players.

3) Opposition break through midfield, roles & responsibilities of midfield in relation to recovery runs.


RED RB added, 2 target players instead of 3.

Team objectives in relation to principles of play

- Press whenever possible, when not on protect central areas, (control & restraint)

- Stay, travel & arrive together, (compactness)

- Relationship with own & supporting unit, (balance)

Individual focus areas .

Declan Cunningham CH to work closer and stay in contact with other CH Connor Ashworh and be aware of the full back position . Declan has a habit because of lack of pace to drop back.

Freddie GK to be vocal organise making sure that Declan does not drop to deep.

Primary Players

Daniel, Jake and Abo

Nearest player press when possible, (speed, angle of approach) show inside, angles & distance of second player. When not able to press control & maintain by starying compact & screening CB's to stop forward pass. Recognise correct time to press again, (sidewards or poor pass, bad first touch)


Stay connected to CMF, equal gaps. Look to press opposition RB whenever possible, show inside, (speed, angle of approach). When not on to press stay compact with CMF. Recognise correct time to press again, (sidewards or poor pass, bad first touch).

Tersary. Centre Halfs.

Stay in conncection with CMF, recognition of pressure on the ball to squeeze, hold or drop. organisation of players in front. Show opposition away from goal. Body position to see player & ball.

Full Back

Stay in connection with CB & LMF. Recognition of pressure on the ball to squeeze up the pitch, hold or drop. Communication to LMF. Show opposition away from goal in final 1/3. Body position to see player & ball.

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