Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): 4v4+3

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1. Pressing and counter pressing.2. Quick play.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4v4+3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4v4+3
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4v4+3 (25 mins)


- Grid is 24 x 14. 2 small goals are 8 yards off the end line. Balls start with coach on sideline.


- Game is usually played 2 touch, but can be 3 or unlimited depending on skill and age level. 6-8 consecutive passes before you can shoot. Short segments, 60-90 seconds. Balls always starts with coach and go to appropriate team. When a team earns the chance to shoot, they will receive the ball whether they convert the shot or not. They retain possession. 1 point for a goal.

Coaching Points: This exercise is meant to create good reactions and habits when you win and lose the ball. In possession, the numbers are 7v4. When a team loses possession, they must react quickly to close down the ball immediately. The best chance to win the ball back is directly when you lose it. With the ball, the 7 want to create spacing and angle themselves to see things quickly and put quick passes together. When the desired passes is achieved, players must arrange themselves for shots. This game should be organized chaos. Many changes of possession and high intensity for a short duration.


- Rotate the neutrals.


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