Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Defending in small units (Start Time: 2015-02-03 18:45:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending in small units

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending in small units
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Defending in small units (20 mins)


40x30y pitch

Split group into uneven teams (4-5 attackers and the remainder as defenders)

On the pitch ensure the players are matched up (3v3, 4v4 or 5v5). The remaining players need to set up in positions relevant to a game (i.e yellow 2 is RB, yellow 3 LB, yellow 11 LW)


For the defenders on the pitch to prevent the ball from going from one end to another.


Number 4 (yellow) will start with the ball and can pass to the yellow players on the pitch or the yellow players on the outside. On gaining possession the yellow players can use the outside players (yellow) to bounce the ball off of. The red players on the pitch have to attempt to regain the ball by working as a unit. If they are successful they have to attempt to maintain possession for as long as possible. Meanwhile, all the yellows (including the players on the outside) can pressure the ball in an attempt to regain. If the ball is regained successfully the outside yellow players return to their positions on the outside and the game restarts.

Rotate the players after 2 mins


1) Yellow players on the outside can change positions with each other.

2) Defenders on the inside can press the outside players to regain the ball.

3) Yellow players on the outside can rotate positions with the yellow players on the inside.


If the yellows combined though the middle and work the ball to the opposite end a goal is awarded.

Coaching Questions/Points

1) Primary player presses ball

2) Secondary defender supports primary defender

3) Tertiary defenders offer cover, balance and information.

Key factors

1) Press

2) Compact

3) Cover

4) Balance

5) Control

Coaching Style

Guided Discovery with Q&A

Hustle behaviour to increase intensity

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