Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): CG: Crossing & Finishing

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Conditioned Game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Conditioned Game
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Conditioned Game (15 mins)


1. 40 x 60 yard area with two 6 0 x 10 yard areas on each side set up as shown

2. 12 players (2 teams of 6) set up as shown

3. 1 Ball (additional around the outside)


1. Teams score by scoring from a cross

2. Players can dribble the ball into wide areas and be unopposed

3. Players can only be in wide areas for 2 seconds if not in possession of the ball

4. If ball leaves the area, game is restarted with kick-in on the sides and corners as normal

5. Play for 5 minutes then rotate teams

Coaching Points:

1. Head up, observe target

2. Cross (Specific technique being used – Refer to technical guidelines)

3. Cut back inside or cross early


1. P – Remove the w ide areas

2. P – Players can score from anywhere

3. R – Make the field narrower to allow crosses

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Pitch Line 2

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