Football/Soccer Session (U11): 3 ball finish

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 ball finish

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 3 ball finish
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3 ball finish (20 mins)

Organisation -

1 Gk, 2 DF, 2 ATT, 4 players in 10x10 with 1 ball between them, 1 wide man on right wing standing close to mannequin, 1 wide man in the corner on the left wing with a ball at his feet.

1 ball a few yards towards goal from the 10x10 area.

3 different balls will be used consecutively.

Play starts with the 4 players in the 10x10 area passing to each other using 1 ball. Upon the coaches command the nearest player to the ball just outside the area must pass the ball to one of the attackers and join the play making 3v2. The aim is to have a shot on goal.

When the ball goes 'dead' the ball from the 10x10 is played into the right winger, who's job is to beat the mannequin on the outside and cross into the box. Simultaneously another player from the 10x10 joins the attack to make 4v2.

When that ball goes dead the third and final ball is crossed in from the left.

Progression: use a defender in the 10x10 making it 3v1. He can join his team mates only when the second ball is played.

Learning Objectives Team -

Quality of passes, timing of runs, movement to create space to attack the ball, quality of finishing (pace or guide), type of cross and trick to beat a player.

Learning Objectives Individual -

Coaching Styles Used -

Technical -

Tactical -

Physical -

Social -

Psychological -

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