Football/Soccer Session (U9): Defending as a Unit (Start Time: 2014-08-11 16:35:00)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Denfending as a unit

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Denfending as a unit
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Denfending as a unit

Organisation - Coaching Defending ONLY !!!!!!!!!

35x15yrds, divided into 3 zones (as above) ( use two pitches if enough)

Or have 4 players passing and receiving around the practice area

1 Goal & 2 at other end to serve as targets for D's (can use cones)

C feeds ball into A's

2D's are confined to middle zone, other defender covers behind, in the other end zone

4A's are to operate in the first two zones, but only 2 are allowed to move into the final 3rd (Versus defender and GK)

If D's win the ball they are to play through either 2 end goals to score a point

Practice starts with coach when the ball goes dead.

Learning Objectives Team - Defending as unit, who presses ball, making players or space to deny forward movement, compactness, once D's win ball can we be positive and look to attack quickly.

Learning Objectives Individual -Individual defending skills, don’t dive in, show outside or inside.

Co-ordination & team balance amongst A's who need to work as a unit

Support play & communication amongst D's & GK work as unit.

Effective individual defending.


A's make a pre-determined number of passes before entering final end zone.

1 D to allowed to drop and recover in end zone, once ball and A enter (recovery run).

A's to allow 3 A's in final 3rd, 1 A provides support underneath in 2nd 3rd.

all D's drop into final 3rd, A's try to break down compact defence.

Key Coaching points-

A’s combination & working as a team to penetrate D’s defending line.

Passing, Movement combination play to create space.

A looking to break the lines with a pass into final 3rd.

Passing angles, recieve to play forward

Opportunities to shoot dont over play.

D’s play as a unit, remain compact trapping players on side line.

RECOVERY when loss of ball, recover to space or player.

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