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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): shooting practice

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Futsal Session Plan Drill (Colour): shooting practice
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shooting practice (20 mins)

Session Objective: To improve control, passing and shooting


Simple start:A plays to B and follows pass:B takes openly on back foot and plays to C and follows pass;C takes one touch out of feet then shoots then goes to A and so on.After a while change A to other side and passing goes A to C to B and players then shoot both sides.

Development 1:

A plays to B who sets back to A;A plays to C who takes touch and shoots.Players move on to net station as before:

Development 2:

Static defender introduced at point X and C has to move ball to side past defender then shoot.

Development 3:

C rceives ball and then plays ball to the static defender then moves and receives return pass to shoot.players movement dictates which side pass back goes.

Development 4: C plays to static defender and receives straight ball back.Now has to take defender on 1v1.

Number of possible developments is endless.

Key Factors:

Quality of pass


movement to get ball out of feet

positive attitude

quality of shot

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