Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Zonal/Man Corner

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Zonal/Man Corner

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Zonal/Man Corner
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Zonal/Man Corner (15 mins)

Zonal/Man Corner

#2 & #3 Protect the posts. Two players placed on each post to clear shots off the line that beat the keeper and cover the keeper if they attempt to punch or catch the ball.

#4, #5, #6 stand inside the six. Each player defends players/balls that come into their zones, one each opposite the posts and one opposite the centre of the goal

#7 (#11), #10 & #8 are man marking players from outside the 6 who are making runs

#11 (#7) Disrupt the kicker. The defender stands 10 yards from the player taking the corner kick to prevent the ball from being driven to the near post, or tries to block the kick by jumping, so forcing the attacker to play the ball differently. The #11 (#7) takes responsibiliity for short corners also.

If opponents sends additional players forward, reinforce the near post area with #9 in the six-yard box, outside the near post and few yards from the goal-line to guard against dangerous ‘flick-ons’

The #9 will lead the counter-attack so when the ball is cleared they can hold it to allow team-mates to get out. #11 (#7) should be quick to join in counterattack. Play balls to the pockets, preferably to the side with space or with the #11 (#7)

#1 should stand in a position where they can see the ball and as much of the penalty area as possible, which will mean a little forward from the goal line near the middle of the goal. Decision has to be made early whether or not to challenge for the ball by catching or punching. Catch the lofted ball at it's highest point & approach the ball from behind, not directly. Balls driven near post requrie a direct approach

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