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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Nuno_Rosa_The SCOOP_Technique

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Nuno_Rosa_The SCOOP_Technique
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Nuno_Rosa_The SCOOP_Technique (30 mins)

The “SCOOP” technique:

What is the SCOOP?

It’s when the GK collapse at the KNEES to the “K” position, opens the PALMS up to face the ball with the FINGERS spread. Do not forget to lead with the HANDS which brings the BODYWEIGHT forward. Keep the HEAD still and the EYES focused on the ball; bring the SHOULDERS forward over the hands.

The ELBOWS need to be slightly flexed to cushion the impact of the ball it’s called “SOFT HANDS – STRONG WRISTS”.

As the PALMS make the contact with the ball, SCOOP the ball into the CHEST whilst bringing the bodyweight forward and “COMPLETE THE SAVE”. Image an ice cream scoop and the same sort of shape with your arms and body is what you trying to make as a shape.


The practice involves 2 Goalkeepers working in pairs in a 10 yard grid with 1 4 yard size goals.

1 GK at the goal starts in the position with the knees on the floor.

The other GK stands 3 to 4 yards away from the goal as a server and rolls the ball to the GK at the goal.


•From the knees position the GK goes in to set position (toilet position) server still rolls the ball

•From the set position (toilet position) the GK goes to the standing position server still rolls the ball

•From the standing position the GK turns his back to the server, server still rolls the ball but when rolling the ball says BALL so GK turns around to make the save

•Do the Set position (toilet position) and the standing position but this time the server doesn’t roll the ball but kicks it to the GK

•1 touch return, GK rolls the ball to the server which will not take any touch at the ball but will kick it straight back at the GK

Coaching points what to look for:

•Make sure the GK is on the goal line not behind it

•Make sure the GK is in line with the ball not doing the technique sideways but using his body as a barrier

•When he collapse the knees that he doesn’t collapse with both of the floor but only 1 and it’s used as a barrier behind the ball just in case the ball rolls in-between the hands and arms

•Make sure the palms are open and the GK uses the soft hands-strong wrists so the ball doesn’t bounce on the hands

•Make sure the keeper keeps looking at the ball

•Make sure the keeper brings the shoulders forward and brings the ball to the chest before standing up or dives in front on the floor


Do not forget to rotate the GK between each progression so all can have a go at it and it’s not tiring.

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