Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Defending in wide areas

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending Wide Areas Example

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Defending Wide Areas Example
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Defending Wide Areas Example

Defending in wide areas

The diagram is to show you how to defend in wide areas. The 3 in this diagram is responsible for pressuring the ball. As the ball is far wide the movement off all players is different to the pressure, cover balance session you were shown. In that session the pressure was in and around the box. That information is still needed for that area of the field.

#3 steps to press by shouting "Got ball". If the #5 and #2 move across on their own we only have a back two. If they said their forward, Attacking mid and left wing in we are numbers down. We must remain numbers even or ideally numbers up. When #3 steps, #6 takes her position to fill the gap. #11 is looking to ideally 'double' the player on the ball. #3 and #11's pressure is to make sure the player can not pick her head up to look to cross the ball. #10 fills the game of #11 to track forward runners or square and back passes. #9 drops in to look for a pass once possession is won.

We do this to allow #2 to defend the back post without sacrificing the middle. If #2 as more than one player on back post #7 should also get back.

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