Football/Soccer Session (U13): 1-4-3-3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1-4-3-3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1-4-3-3
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o Three attackers alow the team to attack quickly when the ball is won

o Allows the team to play more direct as there are more players to play to

o Difficult for defenders to mark all players

o Allows the team to attack with numbers

o Space on the outside for the fulback to get into

o Fulbacks can get forward to support the attack and still leave 3 defenders

o Fulbacks can create numbers up situations in wide areas.

Defending :

o The 4 defenders cover the width of the field easily

o The defensive midfielder is able to screen the back 4 defenders

o 2 wide forwards can drop into make a 6 man midfield

o Allows the team to play high pressure when teams try to play out of the


o Allows teams to put pressure on players that are not able to play long passes.



o Three forward( #7, 9 and 11) getting flat.

o Challenge for midfield to support.

o Potentially fixed positionnaly.

o Lack of space for deep forward runs.


o Potentially outnumbered in the midfield specially in the outside.

o One pass may bypass the front three.

o Management of space in front of # 3 and and 2.

o Seven vs eight players in the defensive block.

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