Football/Soccer Session (U10): SSG - Pressure & cover U8 (Start Time: 2014-10-17 18:00:00)

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SSG focusing on collective team pressure and winning the ball back quickly as a team

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG - pressure and cover U8

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG - pressure and cover U8
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SSG - pressure and cover U8 (30 mins)

SSG objectives:

Improving a teams collective pressure in an organised manner.

Objectives achievements:

Effective, collective pressure and cover

Fast recovery of the ball once it is lost

Anticipation and interception


40 x 30 m pitch marked out

15 players (5 v 5 + 5)

Numerous balls and bibs


The players of 2 teams are within the playing area, whilst the 3rd team waits on the edge of the playing area. On command from the coach, the 3rd team enter the playing area and attempt to win the balls that the other 10 players are trying to keep possession of.

The objective of the 3rd team is to win possession of the balls, then dribble or pass the balls into the small goals situated around the pitch.

The 10 players on the 2 teams in possession must try to keep the balls within the playing area as long as possible and away from the defensive team.

The coach is keeping time on how long it takes to eject all the balls from the playing area.

The fastest team wins!

Key coaching points:

- Before entering the playing area, have the 3rd team devised a strategy and understood the concept of pressure and cover? Allow all of the teams to try and solve the problems themselves, then only offer advice after each team has had a chance to do the defending role demonstrating knowledge of the pressure / cover concept.

- Explain how collective pressure in small groups is more effective than pressure individually

- The 2 attacking teams must be aware of space and passing the ball quickly under pressure


- After winning a ball, the defender must pass to another defender before they can score

- Introduce neutral players to make it more difficult for the defenders to gain possession

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