Football/Soccer Session (U8): Attacking 1v1+1

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Combinations play Attacking 1 v 1 + 1, beat the defender by an individual movement or combinations of play; and get to the opposite side of the field with the ball under control as quickly as possible

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Activity

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Activity
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Ofensive action with control of the ball to beat a specific defender.
Technical Tactical
Quick and effective movement of the ball by two players from the same team
Technical Physical
Technical Psychological

Main Activity


1.- (3) 20 x 10 yard area, set up as shown

2.- 15 player (lots of ball)

3.- 12 cones

4.- Three vests


1.- Perform some combinations of play, between two attackers against a defender

2.- Score goals by taking the ball from one side of the field to the opposite side ; keeping the ball under control

Coaching Points:

1.- Check to the ball

2.- Receive sideways on

3.- Knowing when to turn and when to shield

4.- Dribbling past defenders – 1v1 skills

5.- Play at speed

6.- If defender is tight look to receive the ball in the space behind

7.- Use of plus one for combinations:


1.- Perform some combinations play without defense

2.- Combinations play; with low pressure on attackers

3.- Game situations ( high pressure on attackers)

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