Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Empty It!! Fill It!!

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Middle Section

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Middle Section
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Middle Section (20 mins)


- Area: 20x20 yard grid

- Players: 12

- Balls: 12


-Players are split into two teams

-When Coach shouts Empty it!! players dribble there ball into their cone section where it says 'Balls'

-They then run to the cone section where it says 'Players'.

-First team to leave their balls in the cone section and stand in the 'player' cone section wins a point.

-When coach shouts Fill It!! players run to get their balls and go back into box to begin dribbling again.

Coaching Points:

- Maximize number of touches on ball with close control, the ball should be close enough for the player to touch at all times.

-Begin to build a relationship with the ball and rhythm on the dribble

- 'Head on a string' head goes up, eyes peak forward to avoid collision and continue flow of dribble

- Bend knees to create a platform to accelerate

- Approach dribbling with a low center of gravity because this increases balance and stability

- Stabilize upper body to improve balance on the move

- Avoid linear (predictable) dribbling, zig-zag patterns (unpredictability)

- Spatial awareness

- Confidence and Creativity


-Coach adds 4 different skills

1- Cruyff Turn

2- Step Over

3- Drag Back

4- Maradona

-When the coach calls out 1 the players perform a Cruyff turn, 2 a step over etc.

-Calls are varied to ensure players are thinking and become more comfortable with performing the skills quickly

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