Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Fitness 6

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Fitness

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Fitness
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1 - Sprints:

Place cones 5m apart, sprint and touch 1st cone, return to start. Repeat until you have touched all cones.

2 - Agility Ladder:

Double foot hops through the ladders.

3 - Press-ups:

Lower your body slowly (counting to 3 seconds) explode back to start position. Repeat 20x

4 - Squat Jumps:

Feet shoulder width apart, lower down to where your thighs are just below vertical to the floor, return to start position (ensure your knees don't go past your ankles) Repeat 10x

5 - Sit - Ups:

Feet flat on the floor, hands on thighs. Slide your hands up to your knees. (ensure your lower back remains on the floor, raise/curl up from mid stomach). Repeat 20x

6 - Burpees:

Start stading straight, feet shoulder width. Drop down into lower squat position then into press-up position (kicking legs back) complete press-up, return back to feet by bringing knees into chest and complete jump (feet together, knees straight). Repeat 15x

Rest for 5 minutes and repeat 2 more times

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