Football/Soccer Session (Mixed age): Playing Out of the Back (Guided Discovery)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Guided Discovery - Playing Out From The Back

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Guided Discovery - Playing Out From The Back
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Guided Discovery - Playing Out From The Back (30 mins)


Half Pitch + 20 yards Pitch Area.

Two mini goals at opposite end to big goal.

Red cones marked out 10 yards up field from the edge of the penalty area.

Red Team Play: GK-4-3

Blue Team play 3-3

Target Man in Centre Circle past half way line.


Target man plays ball to GK. Red team try to score in either mini goal or work the ball into the target man. Blue team try to win the ball back and attack the big goal. Blue team have 8 seconds to shoot if they win it back. When play starts, Blue team must start behind the red cones.


-Centre Backs - When the GK has the ball, Can they move to a position inbewteen the 6 yard line and the 18 yard line, as close to the 18 yard line as they can get? This might enable them to spread the pitch a big wider and give them more space on the ball?

-Full Backs - When GK has the ball, Can they move up to as near to or just past the red cones as they can get? This may spread the pitch a bit wider and give them a bit more space on the ball?

-Deep Lyer - Can he try to play within the width of the goal posts? This may stop him moving too close to either cente back and closing their space? This also might allow him to stay in space himself? And this might help him be an option for the GK to play to?

-Center Midfielders - When the GK has the ball, can they move up the pitch as close to the halfway line as they can? This may give other playes space deeper in the pitch? This may also give them more space to play in if they are able to receive the ball?

-GK - If a Centre back plays him the ball, can he play Two Touch/3 Seconds in possession? If the ball comes from the right can it go to the left?

Key Coaching Points:

-Players make the pitch big in possession

-Players always offering to receive the ball

-Players being confident to receive and play from the back

-Players receiving on their back foot to try to play forwards


-Red Team must make 5 passes before playing into the target man/shooting - stop the Centre Back playing long aimless balls that may be cut out in a real game

-Blue Team have 8 seconds to shoot - teaches them to try and be quick on the counter attack - teaches the Red Team that if they lose the ball while playing out from the back they must recover as quickly as possible to stop a counter attack


Guided Discovery Session.

Players are let play for 2 minutes at the start. Then the Guidelines are introduced one-by-one as play progresses. Players should find that as the guidelines are introduced, they get more success. This will help them discover the right area's of the pitch to be in when trying to play out from the back. And the right decisions to make in certain situations. If they lose the ball, they will discover that they need to recover asap otherwise they may concede a goal. But they will also discover that if they are able to keep possession and position themselves in the right areas of the pitch them they may have some success.


Technical Aspect Focused on:

Passing and Receiving

Opening up and Receiving on the Back Foot and Playing Forwards

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