Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Bank it or bin it

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Bank it or bin it

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Bank it or bin it
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Bank it or bin it (30 mins)

Bank it or bin it

Set up as shown. Red players are the defending team and blue players are the attacking team. Blue players have to dribble the ball into the blue triangle areas to earn points, in order for their points to count they have to bank them by dribbling into the red BANK areas. The defenders have to steal a blue players ball and put it into the BANK and that player will lose as many points as they had after their last bank. So if a player has banked 5 points and since then has accumulated 3 points and then the defender gets the ball before they have banked the points, the attacker still only has 5 points and not 8.


- When blue players get a reds ball they then take there place and become attackers.

- Instead of dribbling into an area, the attacking players could use the boards of a cage to play a 1/2 - focus on passing.

- Double bubble area where attacking players can dribble into to bank double points. If a player has gathered 5 points and they bank the ball in the double bubble area they double it to make 10 points.

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