Football/Soccer Session (U18): Agility development (Start Time: 2013-08-03 16:20:00)

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Agility session that evolves from closed to open. Also involves dribbling, passing and pair competition work

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (30 mins)

Agility with progressions

Set up multiples of each station as players must perform them in correct order due to progressive nature of the session. 4 players per grid to ensure recovery time. Therefore for a squad of 20 players 5 of each station is required.

Station 1

Simple open agility. Start in the corner. Accelerate - side step- back pedal - side step

4 repetitions per player

Grid is a 5 x 5

Station 2

1 player working, 1 player leading with 2 resting

Player starts in middle of a 5x5 grid

The player leading holds up a coloured cone. Player must run either forwards or backwards (player can also run 'side straddle) to touch that cone with their hand before returning to the middle of the grid. The leader then immediately holds up another colour.

Player works for 20s - 30s then everyone swaps round.

Repeat for 3 reps per player.

Station 3

Two 5 x 5 grids with two 'common' cones in the centre

Two players work, two rest.

From the two players working one is leading and one is following

Both players start in the middle of their respective square.

The lead player will run and touch a cone on his side or a common cone and return to the middle.The follower will mirror the leaders movements. The leader must not set off to a new cone until the follower is almost back to the middle.

Work time 20-30s

4 sets per pair with two as leader and two as follower

Station 4

Cones are 5m apart both horizontal and vertical.

Player starts at top of diamond with feeder 5m back from point of diamond

Feeder rolls a soft pass to one of the three cones. Player sprints to that cone and one touch passes in back before sprinting back to start cone. Repeated to a different cone.

Important that feeder feeds the ball to his side of cone and plays it with the correct weight. Player working should try to get to the ball before it stops.

Work time 20-30s rotate between each working burst so 3:1 rest. 2 sets per player

Develop with same set up but this time an under arm feed over cone and player must get there before ball bounces. 1 touch control 1 touch pass back. 20-30s work for 2 sets per player.

Station 5

Same set up as drill 4

2 players work, 2 players rest.

1 player is leading, 1 player is working.

Lead player dribbles from their cone to either cone A or B and back to their start cone. Other player mirrors this. Lead player then performs same again chosing either the same cone or a different one but they must not start their second dribble until the other players is nearly at their start cone.

20-30s work, 4 sets per pair with 2 as lead and 2 as follower.

In all drills ensure correct tempo and running technique / cutting.

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