Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): CGA Soccer Camp Session #1 8/13

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): MP+Beep Test

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): MP+Beep Test
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MP+Beep Test

24 Players, Team Session

Warm-Up Routine

Introduction to Resistance Band Exercises (Bands level above knees)

Internal/External Rotation – 10 reps each leg

Internal/External Both Legs 10 reps

Front Back/Steps (2 forward/2 back) – 10 reps each leg

Side to Side – 10 reps each leg

Single Leg balance (lean forward) – 10-30 sec hold

Dynamic Warm-up

Dynamic Warm-up – 15x15 grid/up/back 10 touches

Knee Hugs (2 touch)

High Knee Skip

Standing Hami Stretch (1 touch)

Straight Leg Skip

Quad Stretch (calf raise) (up/back)

Butt Kicks

Lateral Lunge (side to side)

Hip open/close

Periformis (P Stretch) (figure 4)

Leg Swings (Forward/back) 10


Fast Feet Chopping (Arms cycle)

Fast Feet Lateral Jumps (Pogo)


Beep Test

A - Turn Around Line

B - Start and Finish Line

C - Turn Around Line

Players will go in 2 groups of 12 (Coaching staff need to stand at the both ends to ensure no cheating)

G1 - Sofia Fitzgerald, Kylie Dehner, Mallory Magee, Samantha Hazen, Jane Sovinski, Lucie Diatta

Erin Mcgrath, Heather MacNab, Sophia Rotiroti, Sophie Michi, Erin Neher, Madeline Magee

G2 - Kennedi Leeper, Payton Elsaden, Emilia Murphy, Margaret Vermeulen, Lilly Vermeulen, Mei Pallekonda, Aiva Brimanis, Brighton Bird, Margaux McBride, MC Wright, Taylor Brewer, Mackenzie Youvan

Test Procedure

Participants begin the test from cone B.

When instructed by the audio player, they must run towards cone C (this must be reached before the following beep signal) and immediately return to cone B before the next signal.

Once cone B is reached, participants then have a 10-second recovery period in which they must jog from cone B towards cone A, and then back to cone B before the commencement of the next shuttle.

In this test the participants are only allowed two consecutive fail attempts before they are withdrawn from the test (1). That being, if the individual fails to reach cone C and back to cone B in the allocated time, one fail is issued. If this happens a second consecutive time, then they are eliminated.

Once withdrawn from the test, the individuals score must be recorded.

The YYIR2 is roughly 2-15 minutes.

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