Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Rangers FC - Supporting the play / Rotational Play

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): GRP

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): GRP
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Set Up:

x3 teams of 4

x3 colours of bibs


- Within each of the boxes there is a 1v1 situation.

- The floating players working within the boxes must support attacking team to create a 2v1.

- Only floating players can move between the boxes.

- Attacking team can also use supporting / target player to keep possession of the ball.

- To begin with players can only move the ball to an ajoining box by passing the ball.

- If defending team win the ball the ball floating team change to support.

Options & Transitions:

- Change the floating team after set period of time.

- Upon winning the ball roles of players change i.e floating team changes


- Number of touches can be rescrited to increase speed of play

- Movement between boxes for all players (i) between 2 (ii) between four

- Defending team can send extra body into box to create 2v2.

- To gain points attacking team must move the ball from target player to target player.

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